1883 Pat. Japanese Naval Officers Kyugunto
In absolute superb original condition

The beautiful long ubu shinto blade is signed: Yamashiro (no) Kami Fujiwara KuniKane and dates from the kanbun shinto era circa 1661. It is thick and healthy with a nagasa or cutting edge that measures a massive 29 “ or 73.6 cm and in generally clean old polish with only minor scuffs and scratches. There is one minor black rust stain on the very edge of the ha in the monouchi area. This mark is clearly shown in the photographs and could be easily removed by a professional polisher. The hamon is in a sugu-notare-ba with areas of high floating activity, and the ji-hada is a mix of itame and masame. The total blade length is 37 5/16” with a curvature or sori of approx. ½ inch. Thickness at the mune or motokasane  is 7.63. and the width or motohaba is 1 3/16”. The width at the yokote or sakihaba is 1 ¼”.
The koshirae is outstanding with its superb lacquered same saya, gilded metal fittings and original sword knot. The big D guard has a nine leaf motif and the brass wire wrapped same tsuka is just perfect. Nothing broken, nothing missing, no repairs, just all original and intact with only slight aging to the patina. Everything fits together like a glove.
Good quality blades of this length and mounts of this level and quality are very hard to come by.
Price $7500 AUD